A New Filmmaker Is Born

Hey everyone! I am proud to announce that this fall my youngest son, Peter, will be following me into the ranks of filmmakers as he enters film school at Georgia State University in Atlanta.

Peter Fike operates a RED camera at SIAFB filmmakers bootcamp in 2018.

Peter first picked up a video camera back in the fourth or fifth grade and its been difficult to pry it out of his hands since. For the last four years, consistently, Peter has participated in the Filmmakers Bootcamp program offered by the Heartland Image Foundation and run by director/producer Nick Kellis. Through this program and the relationship Peter and Nick have forged, Peter has had some incredible filmmaking opportunities and chances to learn skills that most aspiring filmmakers his age would envy.

Peter has also assisted me with my own projects on numerous occasions, providing not only his skills as a camera operator or grip, but also assisting with valuable input on lighting and composition. This boy has a real talent for his craft and I look forward to working with him more as he finishes his studies and makes his way into the professional world. Maybe he’ll even let me work with him when he makes it to Hollywood. 🙂