“Since humanity’s beginning, we have used stories to teach and inspire, to raise up new generations in the way they should go, and spur the ordinary individuals to heroic action in the face of adversity. Through our films, images and works of art, Noble Warrior Studios hopes to continue this tradition, inspiring a spirit of adventure and promoting strength of character and moral fortitude. We hope you will join us.”

— John E. Fike, Executive Producer & Creative Director

Noble Warrior Studios is a complete visual arts creative agency. Our primary focus is film and video production, including in-house video editing, motion graphics, VFX and compositing capabilities. We also provide a host of complimentary media services including photography, digital and traditional 2D art, and graphic design. Company founder John E. Fike also has over 20 years experience in journalism and commercial writing experience to fulfill needs for script writing, content writing and more.

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Filmmaker John Fike on set with Bill Mears of the Johnathan Manesseh Mears Foundation.

Noble Warrior Studios is a film, photo and art studio focused on inspiring individuals and communities through visual media of an artistic nature. Primarily working in film and video, we produce works for both entertainment and to help businesses and organizations succeed at what they do.

Our specialty is crafting pieces with a dramatic flair and sense of adventure. On the entertainment side, this frequently means action-packed thrillers and chillers. On the commercial enterprise side, this means videos that go beyond talking heads and powerpoints to create stunning visuals and storytelling that captivate audiences.

Lets us help your organization create next-level, unconventional videos that will brighten the future.

What We Do

We tell stories. It might be an adventure, or it might be a love story. It might be a made up story, or it might be the story of your business or it might be your story. It might be told through a film or video or it might be told through a single picture or work of art. Or it might be told through an article or book. Whatever the story and whatever the medium, we take the care to tell it well, making sure to capture the important essence of every story and convey it through light, color, images and words so that the audience will share in its importance. 

Cinematography & Film-making

John Fike and Noble Warrior Studios have produced several short films and have more on the way. We are always on the lookout for new projects, including short and feature films, documentaries, music videos, art films and more. We can take on complete production or assist with specific components of a project, including cinematography, screenwriting, lighting, location sound, prop building, practical and visual effects, editing and compositing. 

Video Production & Editing

Going beyond just videography, Noble Warrior Studios is fully equipped with a mobile video production studio to provide the highest quality video and audio recordings for a wide array of video applications, including advertising, social media, web content, presentations, full-size screen projection, and more. We also welcome projects working with existing footage and stock footage that require editing, motion graphics, or compositing to create a final piece of work. 

Writing & Visual Arts Media

Good film and video are rooted in story and art, and John Fike’s filmcraft and approach to video arose out of a strong background in writing, photography, design and art. Noble Warrior Studios continues to offer services in these arenas, both as support for film and video and as stand-alone services. These include article and content writing, ghostwriting, script writing, photography, digital photo editing and touch-ups, graphic design, concept art, digital matte painting, and custom artwork. 

If you have a film or video project in mind, or if you have need of writing or visual media of any kind, please contact us to find out how we can help. Just ask for John.

Noble Warrior Films

A primary directive of Noble Warrior studios is to produce entertaining short and feature films. All of our currently available films can be viewed online at the links below. For a complete collection of our films and videos to-date, please visite our YouTube channel at www.nwsfilms.com.


Our most recently released short film, Stalemate follows theaction-packed conflict of two elite soldiers as they battle through forgotten wilderness. What drives them on? Duty? Honor? Pride? Is it worth it in the end?

Sibling Displacement

Sibling horseplay goes too far when big brother gets caught in another dimension. Can little sis fix her invention in time to bring him back?

In The Dark

After turning down all offers for a ride an overly confident youth comes face-to-face with the horrors of the dark. This faith-based thriller examines the fear we face we we don’t walk with God.


Have a project in mind? Have a question? Please reach out to us:

Call or text: 419-905-0324
E-mail: john@noblewarriorstudios.com